This is a question that most people very rarely if ever think about or even ask. It is a question that only a thinker would ask........if he or she is seeking the truth. Some would seek to ridicule that question for the sake of distraction. But then, that just there way of dealing with something that they are unable or unwilling to really face.


It is in the Bible

The Bible tells us not only why we are here and who is responsible for us being here, but also that we have a purpose beyond this life. It is an amazing eye-opener when one understands what’s written in that Book. It is the only Book that truly tells us what our purpose is. The reason why human beings as a whole are ignorant of what is their purpose beyond the-here-and-now, is because mankind have separated themselves from their source. That source is God, and like anything that is cut off from its source, it withers and die; it becomes useless and without purpose......lacking its identity, until it is reconnected to that source once again.


Adam was made not created

And what does that source (God) says is our purpose? God made mankind in a very personal way. You see, unlike all the other things that God has created, God literally took dirt and personally shaped man(kind)/Adam. This He did not do with the trees, plants or even the animals.....not even angels. God simply uttered a command and they all came into existence…..But not so with Adam/us. This alone tells us that human beings are special in God’s eyes……above even angels.


The last has become the first

An interesting thing to note is that man was the last thing that God made apart from the Sabbath. But not just last in the physical creation but also the last intelligent creation. God created angels before He made mankind. This is something also to take note of, because the Bible says that the last will be the first. The word that is translated “First” can be translated as “First in order of importance”, “Best” or “Chief.”


We are uniquely made

Human being ultimately will be the best of God’s creation….better than any angel in heaven. The Bible tells us that those who believe the gospel (Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom of God), and is baptized will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and at Jesus return will be changed or if dead will be resurrected and given a glorious body like that of Jesus. There are things that one is required to be between being baptized and Jesus’ second coming, or before you die. Such as using the gift(s) that Jesus has given you for the advancement of the kingdom of God, and to tell others about the kingdom of God, then you will be rewarded with rulership with Him in the kingdom of God. The receiving of the Holy Spirit is an amazing thing….it is actually having God Himself come and live in a person. When the early Church was being persecuted by Paul, before his conversion he got a message from Jesus Himself, and Jesus said to Paul, “Paul why are you persecuting me?” Jesus was saying to Paul that when you persecute my people you are persecuting me because I am living in them.


We have been joined to the God-head - now part of the trinity

When God comes and live in a the indivdual, the Son also lives in that person as well, via the Holy Spirit. He or she becomes a member of the family of God, of which Jesus is the Oldest Son. Jesus called His disciples after He was raised from the grave His brothers. Christians, true Christians are not just servants of God. God in the book of Revelation calls those who endure to the end His sons. The word sons mean a child or offspring, regardless of gender. So Jesus helps us with our identity because He was always with the Father; what Jesus is, is what God’s children will become at His second coming. Without Jesus you have no identity. Jesus’ identity comes from His Father and whoever is connected to Jesus will know who he or she is. You will never know who you are, or what your ultimate potential is without listing to Jesus and doing what He say we should do. Jesus rule over all things like a king, and we were all born to be kings over all things as well. If you are a begotten son or daughter of God, you have been crowned king, but is waiting for a glorified body and mind to go with our awesome responsibility. We have been joined with the Godhead, and will have our own kingdom in the kingdom of God. We will live on the Earth in a City that will be unlike any City that we have ever seen. We will suffer no physical or emotional pain. We will never get hungry or thirsty (though we will still be able to eat and drink) or need food in order to sustain our life, nor will we need to breath air……spirit is what we will exhale and inhale….we will possess the very life that God has. We will have a spiritual body……a body and brain that will not be subjected to the laws of physics. So we will not be confined to the Earth…….we will be able to be any place in the universe we chose to go ,and even while at the same time on the Earth.


Ruling over all things with God

The planets that God have created will be populated with whatever life forms either we or God wants on them, and we will be their lords/ruler or king. We will rule with love as God does and be His representatives. In fact, when they see us, they will be seeing God, because we will be one with God. As kings, we will rule with Jesus over the universe and everything that exist and will exist. And as children of God, we will have a personal, and intermit relationship with our Father, just as Jesus did from eternity……..our future is awesome beyond imagination.

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The metamorphosis you speak of won't happen in this life, it cannot. You mean a glorified body, that happens either after death or when Jesus returns.

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