Why do we have conflicts?

No peace under man's Satan inspired governments

Why do we have conflicts?

From as far back as one could go human being have been warring with each other….even hating others without cause. The reason why the world is the way it is, is because we don’t know the path to peace. More often than not we want peace at the expense of someone else; we seldom if ever examine our attitude to see what we might have done to make this world such an unsafe place to live. The tendency is to pass the blame on others.


It is not in people’s nature to direct there steps….in other words, we don't think and act the way God does......our ways are not inline with God's. If we did, then the world would be a far safer and nicer place to live for all people, regardless of what part of the world we might be living.


But why is it that mankind don’t know the path to peace? Because people are deceived; those who care not about God, or seek His guidance are unknowingly deceived by Satan, whom is the god of this world/system. We also have religious people, who claim to be of God, and even use the name Jesus, but live, do, and say things that are against the way Jesus lived and taught. So these people are deceived as well.


The whole world is under the deception of Satan. They are not aware that they are deceived, because a deceived person is deceived, plain and simple. It is only after a person comes out of deception, then the individual recognize that he or she was deceived.


The world will continue its downward slide of moral and spiritual deception, to the point where if God does not cut the time short mankind would eventually destroy themselves and all other life on the earth. Nations and politicians have openly talked about peace, but behind closed doors, they make deals that support war. The making and selling of all sorts of weapons of mass destruction is a profitable business for countries and the manufactures of weapons of war, and even for some politicians.


A suffering world is what happens when the vast majority of its people are deceived. But thanks to God He will not allow a deceived world to destroy itself. And this is where you, the reader comes in. God is inviting all and anyone that hates the way the world is, and wants to truly make a difference in people’s lives. God, through Jesus has called His selected ones and empowered them to go out and use their gifts to help, improve the lives of others, and by doing that, they are advancing the kingdom of God on the Earth. This won’t of course prevent men with evil intent from carrying out their desires. So God, through Jesus will have to for the sake of His people intervene to prevent His people from being completely wiped off the Earth, whom truly have more right to it than the wicked. God at the right time will send His Son, and resurrect all the righteous men and women of old, and changed the bodies of the faithful ones from mortal, to immortal, then take the rule of power from the short sighted, Satan lead and inspired leaders of this world and fully set up the government of God. This will truly be a government for the people. Jesus will not necessarily take all the world’s Nations by force, though He will forcefully prevent mankind from destroying itself, and removing those who were hindering God’s people. Mankind as a whole will freely seek Jesus and want Him to teach them His way.

Only the establishment of the kingdom of God can save this world from utter self destruction, ushering worldwide prosperity unlike the world has ever seen, and bring out the full potential of all human beings; God will do just that when Jesus returns. So the call is going out to all and any, to enter God’s kingdom, and participate in what God has already begun.

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The metamorphosis you speak of won't happen in this life, it cannot. You mean a glorified body, that happens either after death or when Jesus returns.

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