The gospel of the kingdom

God's invitation to you




When Jesus first began His ministry He started out by saying, "Repent for the kingdom of God is near." The kingdom of God is not a religion but a kingdom, and Jesus was announcing its arrival and inviting any and all who believe His message to enter it. Those who do are commanded to preach it and invite others to enter it as well.




Most Christians today do not know or even understand what the kingdom of God is, because they have been deceived into believing that the gospel is about Jesus. They have substituted (this began after Christians were persecuted, because Emperor Nero blamed them for the fire he started) the message that was given to Jesus by His Father, and replaced it with a message about Jesus, which is a false gospel.




Jesus did not go about Jerusalem preaching about Himself. In the New Testament it says that Jesus went about preaching the gospel or good news about the kingdom of God. But He preached it in the form of parables because He only wanted a selected few to understand it. He chose 12 disciples, and He in private explained the parables to them. In one of Jesus' parables only the very few would understand it, and even fewer still would grow spiritually and be rewarded for their works. Some of those who received it would not grow spiritually because other things in the world would distract them.




The gospel is about the re-establishment of the kingdom of God back on the Earth; it was first established when God made Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over it. But they disobeyed God and the kingdom of God ceased to be administered; it was replaced by Satan's systen until Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead. Satan has not yet been removed from his office, so he is still influencing people and Nations.  Jesus is the good man in one of His parables, whom has gone to a far Country (Heaven) to receive a kingdom ( it will be on the Earth), and will return to reward those who have been using what He gave them with ruler ship. Jesus said those who over come will sit with Him on His throne; they will share ruler ship with Him is what Jesus is saying.




Jesus said that when the gospel of the kingdom of God is preached to all Nations the end will come. Jesus want the world to know that He is coming back, and He wants as many as the Father is calling to enter the kingdom, and to use what He has given them (their gifts) to teach or bring others under the influence of the kingdom of God. Jesus in addition to preaching about the kingdom, healed as many people He was able to heal that needed it and asked for it…..that’s one of the benefits of the kingdom of God; people are healed in some form or the other.




Those who are faithful in doing what Jesus commanded will be rewarded with more authority in the kingdom of God. This is a continuation of what they were doing before He returned, but this time they will 1) have the power to enforce the good that they will be doing, 2) there will be no corrupt leaders to influence the Nations (the saints will be the leaders/kings) to sin or take advantage of them and 3) Satan will be bound, and the Nations as a whole will want to be taught God's way.




Those who believe the gospel, enter it and use their gifts will have a greater reward in God's kingdom than those who will enter it during the Millennium or after. But all will be equal, and all will continue to receive even greater authority to come.




Ultimately all those in God's kingdom will be given authority over the entire universe, and each person will have their own area/planets/galaxy and so on to rule over. But they won't be ruling over dead and lifeless plants; everything will be made new. So what is now dead and lifeless will be made ready to be inhabited by new life of all types, which the glorified children of God will create and place on various plants throughout the universe. This is what God had intended from the beginning when He made Adam and Eve.....they (and all humanity that would come from them) were to start dominating the Earth, and then continue that beyond the Earth.




This is not even the beginning of what is in store for God's children....greater oppertunities and glory lies a head.




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The metamorphosis you speak of won't happen in this life, it cannot. You mean a glorified body, that happens either after death or when Jesus returns.

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