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Know your enemy.......Satan is man's ultimate enemy, and he use the things that are at his disposal to deceive and control whole Nations and the world. Regardless of what  system of government a Country is under, it is under Satan's influence. In trying to get Jesus to sin, Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of this world, and said it was all given to him, and that he can give it to anyone he chose.  Interestingly, Jesus never disputed that statement when Satan told Him that.


Why was Jesus tempted by Satan? ........The reason why he told Jesus that the kingdoms of this world was given to him, is because it was Adam who gave it to him, when he disobeyed God , and he knew that the messiah was prophesied to take over all the kingdoms of the world. But before that could happen, He would have to suffer a cruel and painful death. Satan was hoping that Jesus would take him up on that seemingly better offer. After all, if Jesus could avoid having to suffer dying on the cross, but still end up taking over the world, wouldn't that be better? The problem with that offer is that it would make Jesus a servant of Satan.  Jesus would have sinned, which means that God would be tainted by sin, and Satan would have won.....Satan would have gotten what he wanted for a long time, which is to take over ruler ship from God.


A futile system.....The system that men have set up is not God's system, because under God's system everyone has a right to have his/her own. God never said in the beginning that anyone should have dominion over another human being, nor would there be a need to set up our own governments if Adam had not sinned.  God gave man dominion over all the Earth and animals on land, sea and air, but not over each other. In teaching His disciples, Jesus said, "You see that the rulers of the Gentiles are lords over them, and their great ones have authority over them. Let it not be so among you: but if anyone has a desire to become great among you, let him be your servant". Why did Jesus say that? Because everyone that comes under the kingdom of God are family, and family members don't act as lords over each other.


God's system.......We can't fully understand how evil man's Satan inspired systems are until we know what God's system is like. It's not just better....under God's system everyone is lord over his/her own, and no one will have any desire to take what is yours or want to rule over you. And what you have you will want to keep for your children and they intern for their children. You will not totally be dependent on someone else for your existence(providing you a job, grow the food you need and so on) would have your own land, grow your own food and whatever else you have after that, you trade with anyone for something they have or produce that you would like to have. If you don't like the deal your getting, you will be free to trade with someone else. No land will be fenced off and considered government property, because it will be the people's property for anyone who need land. Because without land you can't have dominion. You can't have dominion while still living on someone else's property.



Safety.....You won't need locks on doors, police, Soldiers or guns.....everyone will be totally and completely safe.......even at night with your windows and doors open, or in the woods filled with animals.


The sky will be the limit.....Under God's system, everyone will be able to achieve their true and full potential, because no one will hinder would not be allowed even if someone tried to. Everyone will be happy and feel fulfilled.....everyday people will express joy, and they will not just look forward to the weekend, because they will do what they love and love what they do......everyday will be like the weekend, because work won't seem like work. 


The parables Jesus preached is about the kingdom of God .....Jesus has given everyone gifts, so that all can fulfill their purpose.  Jesus preached the gospel in the form parables, and one of the parables He preached was about a man who gave money to his servants to invest. In this parable, the man expected his servants to give him a return on the money he gave them.....they were to invest the money. Our gifts are like that, it's given to us by Jesus to use; the more we use them, the more we discover more gifts that we thought we never had. The vast majority of people who are in well paid jobs are not happy because they are not using their gifts....they are in their job like a square peg in a round hole. So one of the secrets to happiness is using your gifts. And if you can earn a living by doing that you will cease from ever laboring. Never seek for a job, but look for ways you can making a living doing what you love doing.




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The metamorphosis you speak of won't happen in this life, it cannot. You mean a glorified body, that happens either after death or when Jesus returns.

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