A kingdom government

God's government

God's government

The gospel of the kingdom, as it is called in the Bible cannot be understood through the lens of Democracy, a Republic, Socialism, Communism or even a religious government. It must be viewed through the lens of a kingdom government, because Jesus is a king. A king is not a religious title, but a title that one inherits, giving them the right to rule.



King: a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people. - Quoted from dictionary.com


Some kingdoms had more than one king ruling at the same time. For example; the Roman Empire had as much king as the amount of territory they conquered. Every time they conquered a territory, they send in a representative or a king to live among them to teach the people Roman ways or culture. This is important, because scripture tells us that Jesus will not be the only king in the kingdom of God......the saints also will be kings as well.


The Bible must not be viewed as a religious book, but a book about a Father and His children or God and His children, or even a King and His children......the Father of Jesus is a king. Seeing the Bible as a religious book prevents the reader from understanding what God is accomplishing here on the Earth......it clouds the mind.


Jesus never came to start a new religion called Christianity; He came to preach the good news of the kingdom of God and He founded His Church, that would represent Him and carry on where He left off......He Himself said that is why He was sent. The Father through Jesus is re-inviting man back into His kingdom, which man via Adam rejected. The gospel is about individuals that have been given gifts to be used for the sake of the kingdom of God......and those who use their gifts will be rewarded ruler ship in the kingdom of God. In other words, they will be joint rulers with Jesus, and everything that Jesus has inherited they will also inherit.  The gospel points us to what our purpose is......the reason for God putting man on the Earth. Study the parables that Jesus preached; for in it is the gospel.

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The metamorphosis you speak of won't happen in this life, it cannot. You mean a glorified body, that happens either after death or when Jesus returns.

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