God gave mankind a government in the beginning

Satan's first deception

The first and greatest trick Satan played on humanity was to deceive Eve into believing that God was holding back on them, and that he, Satan was one they can trust to tell them what it is. Satan tricked Eve into disbelieving God, and Adam, who know better went along with it anyway. Satan managed to cause humanity to turn away from God, and in effect cast aside the government that God had given them, and replace it with Satan's government that he will inspire via men's idea and philosophies. The kingdom of God and man's government are not compatible....one cannot hold on(proclaim its virtues) to man's system of government and God's government. Jesus said one cannot serve two masters, because you are bound to obey one and disobey the other. But one can live in it and even influence it, but avoid being a part of it.


God has a government

Most people, including many Christians are unaware that God has a government, and that, that government is the ONLY government in which all people will find their purpose, be happy and feel fulfilled. The Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament that He would bring The government on His shoulder.....so Jesus never brought a religion from Heaven when He was born, He brought a government.....the government of God. Christianity today has become nothing more than just another religion, instead of an outpost or representative of God's government......it's the reason why Christianity is so ineffective and lacking any power draw the world to its message. Jesus had prophesied that most people to come who will believe in Him, will be deceived by those who they listen to in Church......the word of the pastor or the Church/denomination becomes more important than what Jesus commanded.


God wants His people to promote God's government

Instead of proclaiming God's government as Jesus commanded, Christians proclaim a false gospel instead.....a gospel about Jesus. Satan has no problem with Christians preaching about Jesus, as long as they ignore Jesus' message about the kingdom of God. Satan knows that the end of his power over humanity will be near when the good news of the kingdom of God becomes the main message that they preach. The last thing Satan wants is for us to achieve our purpose; that's why the world is filled with so much religion and materialism....Satan is the god of this world......Satan will do anything to prevent human beings from understanding the government of God and our place in it.

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The metamorphosis you speak of won't happen in this life, it cannot. You mean a glorified body, that happens either after death or when Jesus returns.

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